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4 Facts you might not know about plastic surgery

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

As plastic surgery becoming increasingly popular, the stigma that once surrounded it is also starting to lift (slowly but surely). In 2017, over 28.3 thousand plastic surgeries were carried out in the UK alone. 

As more people are getting to known about plastic surgery, the number of myths that are around are also rising. So, let’s put some of those myths straight!

1. Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery in the UK

Although there are many different surgeries that are available for people to get, breast augmentation remains the highest one. Most people that get breast augmentation will have it done to refill breast after pregnancy, correct uneven breast or enhance their natural features. 

2. The average age of people getting plastic surgery is now 39

As plastic surgery has become more accepted and available, the age at which people get plastic surgery has gone down. 

3. 92% - the percentage of plastic surgery procedures which are done on women

Nearly all of the plastic surgery procedure that are done the UK are on women, however the number of men that are having plastic surgery is rising. As the plastic surgery market continues to grow it is likely that the proportion of men to women will change!

4. Injections are becoming increasingly popular

Plastic surgery was known for being very invasive and always involving some sort of ‘nip and tuck’. However, over the years the use of fillers, and therefore less invasive methods, are becoming increasingly popular.

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