• Anna Raurell

Be picky with your friends, clothes & your injector.

It is true that Botox is available pretty much everywhere.

Trained practitioners cannot stress enough that Botox isn’t the same as simply getting your hair or nails done. If your hair or nails go wrong, it can usually be rectified but if Botox goes wrong - well you could be in a bit of a bother!

Here are my top 5 reasons why you have every right to be as picky as you are with your injector.

1. You will be much safer - too much Botox can cause complications. Make sure you choose someone who knows exactly where to inject and exactly how much! 2. True practitioners will make you more likely to receive a legitimate product - unfortunately, there is fake Botox out there! 3. Cleaner environment - treatment is more likely to take place in a clean, sterile setting. 4. Better results - true practitioners know the 40+ muscles in your face. When you know which muscle to hit, you can create wonderful results. 5. Options - should there be a problem then your in the best hands when it needs correcting.

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