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World plastic surgery day

Plastic Surgery is surgery is performed to restore form and function of a  certain part of the body but also to alter parts of the body to improve wellbeing.   This can be done for a number of different reasons; purely aesthetic or done to ‘normalise’ a part of the body after a previous surgery or reconstruction surgery following another condition. Since 2000, the number of people that are having plastic surgery has gone up by around 200% and much more is known about it!

For world plastic surgery day, we want to celebrate the surgeons and success of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery and plastic surgeons are often looked down upon as they are seen to altering people to look unnatural, and that in most cases the procedure is unnecessary. In most cases, this could not be more wrong!  Unlike other medical professionals, plastic surgeons work on every part of the body from head to toe. When choosing the right surgeon for you, it is important that you research their work and look around before you just go with the first doctor you find.  Happy world plastic surgery day to all the plastic surgeons!

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